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Trainer, Stunt Rider, and Performer

Elbrus grew up in Ossetia where he excelled in Jigitovka. Jigitovka was used by the horse cavalry in war time and the riding style was developed to use against the enemy in battle. It later became an art form and a horse sport which has been used in the entertainment industry.

He joined the Moscow State Circus School at age 15 and went on to work with the Moscow State Circus for several years. Elbrus then joined a horse-stunt theatre with Muhtarbek Kantimirov and they performed together entertaining audiences all around Europe.

Elbrus later settled in South Africa and began training horses and working on various television commercials and feature films including 10,000 BC and The Flight of the Phoenix as a stunt rider and performer. He is a martial-arts trainer and has performed in many fight scenes.

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Stunt Riders & Trick Riders

When a script calls for complicated, dangerous and fast paced action, our stunt and trick riders bring their profession into play. Safety for cast and crew and a knowledge of set and cameras make filming an exciting scene an excellent experience for everyone.

Stunt Horses

Our horses are handpicked for their athleticism and temperament and go through extensive conditioning and training to meet the standards of our stunt team.

Liberty Horses

Highly specific trick training on beautiful horses that allows story lines to be enacted even if the horse is loose and free on camera. Wether rearing or hitting a mark at a run or jumping a fence with no rider, we can tailor this type of training to your script.

Fight Choreography

Fighting on the ground requires skill, fighting on a charging horse takes that skill to another level. Elbrus has years of experience with this very thing and works closely and cooperatively with stunt coordinators to achieve intense action in a perfectly executed plan.

Background Horses & Animals

Horses and animals experienced on set with the diversity of environments that the film industry brings.

Riding Lessons

Elbrus has maintained a riding school for years, teaching and instructing students, actors and talent, and stunt performers alike with patience and expertise.

Tack & Stunt Equipment

We can provide everyday tack for the horses and back ground animals and speciality stunt riding equipment.

Swords & Armor

We can supply and supplement fighting equipment for sword fights and battle scenes.

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